Welcome to Marryatville Primary School.


Marryatville Primary School is a vibrant, supportive and caring community that provides an extensive range of educational opportunities and experiences. This is enabled through a team of teachers who are dedicated to the education of children and young people and truly understand learners and their needs.

We value the partnerships between our parents, staff and students, as through nurturing strong relationships we can provide the best learning outcomes.

We know that our young learners need to run around, to climb and explore, to be active and on the move and that they learn best when they are making and doing. We also know that all learners will make mistakes and that we need to be there to assist them to make good choices.

At Marryatville Primary School we encourage our children and young people to try to become the very best they can be in all areas. We acknowledge that all learners have strengths and it is through trying new things and a variety of activities that our children and young people will be able to identify what they are good at. This, coupled with quality programs that intentionally build students’ wellbeing and resilience, enables students to flourish and make a positive difference now and into the future.

Marryatville Primary is a school which provides for all learners, no matter what their area of strength or expertise. We have an outstanding academic program, a broad sports program, an excellent music program, and a strong strength and values based education. We look forward to working in partnership so your child can flourish at Marryatville Primary.




Angela Falkenberg, Principal

May 2016

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Marryatville Primary School is a Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) school, providing quality education for Reception to Year 7 children. Marryatville Primary School is a zoned school.  Our enrolment is 545 students
We are situated in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide in the suburb of Kensington, approximately 5kms from the city. Marryatville Primary School is known as a 'community school' and enjoys high levels of parental support and involvement. Performing Arts, French, Science and Physical Education are taught by school-based specialist teachers.

Teachers work collaboratively in year level groups as well as across year levels as ‘buddy classes’. Teachers use higher order thinking skills as part of their approach to teaching and learning and to stretch student achievement. There is a commitment to Inquiry Learning and the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies across the curriculum. French is the LOTE subject offered. School Services Officers support individual and small group learning.

Reception students transition from a range of preschools and child care centres such as McKellar Stewart Kindergarten, Margaret Ives Children’s Centre and Kensington Gardens Preschool. Most Year 7 students attend Marryatville High School with some students zoned to Norwood/Morialta High School.

School Times     

Yard supervision commences at:                                       8:30am

School commences:                                                        8:50am

Recess:                                                                       10:40am

End of Recess                                                               11:00am

Lunch supervised in classrooms:                                       12.40pm

Play:                                                                           12.50pm

End of Lunch:                                                                1.20pm

Dismissal:                                                                      3.00pm

Yard supervision finishes at:                                             3.20pm